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Category Archives: Cryptography

Cryptography and related things, like entropy and randomness. Not that I understand much of this stuff, but like my other problems, talking about it helps.

Full disk encryption single sing-on and secure backup

I have a been a TrueCrypt user since version 4.0. I used to have an half-baked solution of TrueCrypt, EFS with SYSKEY option 2 (password). When full disk encryption was introduced, I finally got a laptop encryption scheme that I like. It features : Strong cryptography Thank TrueCrypt for 256 bits AES in XTS mode. […]

Step by step guide to create your own MSCASH hashes

I wanted to test the relative strength of a password policy. I wanted to run a password cracking tool over different passwords, from a dictionary based password (like Banana42) to a random one (generated with Password Safe). Creating users setting passwords and running different password extraction tools was a lot of trouble. I found a […]

Asymmetric cryptography mnemonic trick

When ever I teach cryptography to beginners, they are confused with what you can do with the private and public key, in an asymmetric cryptographic scheme. I start by saying the your private key never leaves you, no matter what. No exception to the rules. To help with the rest, I made this chart. Operation […]