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Category Archives: Life (the real one)

I like to learn new things. I also like to understand complex concepts. Here is one topic that I know I’ll never understand fully. Hence my interest to it !

Attaque mathématique des codes Bixi (vélo libre-service)

J’étais au centre ville aujourd’hui et j’avais affaire pas très loin. Au lieu d’utiliser le métro, j’ai loué un Bixi, vélo en libre service. J’ai été surpris de constater que les codes Bixi ne comporte que 3 chiffres, sur 5 caractères, soit 3^5=243 codes possibles. Ça semble bien peu, mais si les codes ne sont […]

High availability for humans

I noticed a new link in my GMail account (I am using gmail for your domain), showing the sessions used to connect to an account and the last time since it had activity on that session. Pretty neat, although I doubt a regular user will be able to make sense of any of that… In […]

Gathering entropy from children

Here is a trick I found that solved an old problem: How can coin flipping ever be fair if only one person chooses head or tail ? I remember Chrissy complaining about that to Jack in an episode of “Three’s Company”. Above the humour, I remember thinking about fair coin flipping back then, many years […]