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Can your GINA do this ? (running any process on the secure desktop)

I get asked a lot of questions about my custom Gina. Most of them come from people who want to write a custom Gina themselves to do … whatever. A custom Gina runs in Winlogon’s process. It runs under the SYSTEM account, in the TCB… In short it can do pretty much anything. But some [...]

Subversion GUI output from the command line

I use Subversion command line client. But I also have Tortoise SVN installed, because some operations like log and check-in benefit from the GUI. Tortoise SVN is a Explorer shell extension which calls a Windows executable, TortoiseProc.exe. To use it from the command line, simply save this batch file somewhere in your path : @echo [...]

Porting a custom Gina to a Credential provider

Making a replacement Gina behave like a Credential Provider (not the other way around) looks like the ticket to have a single source solution to a Gina and Credential Provider.