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Activate XP Mode with the latest Virtual Box on Windows 7

Windows XP mode is like a virtual image that allows you to run Windows XP (applications) on Windows 7. It comes with an activation key, in the file key.txt in XP Mode installation folder (C:\Program Files\Windows XP Mode\KEY.txt). It will activate your Windows XP virtual image in Virtual PC or in VMWare player, but it […]

Hosting at DreamHost is funnier

I used to my code in Google’s subversion. It was good, but I needed more. The built-in wiki was to restrictive, and I wanted to track usage and downloads. So I signed up with DreamHost. The have shell access, lots of disk space, up and running subversion and one-click install Gallery and WordPress. My experience […]

Using vi ? Try this in Google

I followed advice from my father and learned how to type back in high school. Using a typewriter, in case you wonder. The first time I had to type something, I forced myself to “do it right”, even though hunt and peck was faster. I now type quite fast, and I can type while looking […]