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Category Archives: Updates

Indicates that a new release of any of my open-source software.

Notifu now supports silent operation

I just release a small update to Notifu. You can now display a pop-up without playing the system event sound (-q). Notifu also supports the Windows 7 quiet time. By default, pop-up will not be displayed in the first hour or so after the very first logon. I you must display a pop, you can […]

Aucun reboots computer, unless a debugger is present

There is a bug in my replacement GINA. I left a call to DebugBreak in my initialisation code. When Winlogon can’t load a GINA, the server reboots. I run all my tests in virtual machines attached to a remote kernel debugger. I had set up a rule to ignore this first hardcoded breakpoint. In a […]

Aucun now supports 64 bits versions of Windows

Again with much help from user Abdul Khaliq, I can now offert you a 64 bits version of my replacement GINA, called aucun64.dll. This release also comes with a important bug fix. You can donwload it here.