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Category Archives: Windows

I use Windows a lot almost exclusively. It started with version 3.0 back in… ? I used and developped applications for each and every version ever since. Many posts will refer to Windows.

Find new, modified and unversioned Subversion files on Windows

Nobody likes to break the build. When I do it, it is often because I forgot to add a file to the repository. The build server will not get it and the build will break. This Windows batch file will parse Subversion’s svn up output and show you what files were modified, but also what […]

Edit a remote registry through Windbg

I found a way to edit the registry while under a remote Windbg session. !dreg allows you to read the registry, but I had added a corrupt authentication package to the Lsa list in the registry that I had to remove. I found out the hard way that LSASS will load all authentication packages listed, […]

How to debug a Credential Provider locally

Here is a quick and easy way to debug a Credential Provider running on your development machine, without needing to set up a kernel debugging session with two computers. Before you go down this road, let me tell you a little bit about LogonUI.exe behavior (as seen on Windows 7 ultimate SP1 64 bits) set […]