My content management setup

You may have noticed from the familiar Apache look that I use Apache's Forrest tool to generate my site. This is totally overkill for a little site like, but it migth interest some of you.


I wanted a setup that had the following requirments:

  1. Unlimited horizontal and vertical scalability
  2. Nothing fancy to install
  3. Track changes to the web site through time
  4. Possibility to work on many sections concurrently


Here is what I came up with.

Stupid reality

The reality is a little different, unfortunatly.

The main problem is that Forrest consumes too much memory for my shared hosting plan. There are ways to limit the amount of memory Ant and Cocoon use, but I have not played with it long enough to know if I can have a reliable setup.

The workstation part of it works as described. But the Subversion triggers are replaced by a manual intervention and the synchronisation is done with Beyond Compare right from a workstation to the main site, using a file to FTP sync.