Release history and change log


Here is the version information and archived versions of Aucun. You can download past releases from here, too, by clicking on the following icons:

Subversion access
If you want to modify the source, please use my Subversion server directly. You can get the trunk revision with this command:
svn co aucun
VersionDatetrunk revisionWhat's new
1.4.8   April 30, 2011208
  • Unlocking or force logoff of a domain user with a local user now works.
1.4.7   February 15, 2011200
  • Builds with Visual Studio 2010.
1.4.6   Mai 10, 2010183
  • When Aucun was chained to another Gina, an empty message box would show when an authorized user would forcefully logoff another user.
  • When a Gina relying on MSGINA to implement WlxStartApplication was chained to Aucun, starting Task Manager from the SAS dialog box would not work. Explorer would not restart if killed, either.
1.4.5   November 24, 2009170
  • Removed a trailing DebugBreak that caused servers to reboot if a remote debugger was not present.
1.4.4   September 29, 2009155
  • Added an option to replace any third party Gina (see Sample.reg).
1.4.3   September 9, 2009153
  • Fixed a bug that would crash Windows when you locked your workstation right after changing your password
  • Updated build scripts and project to support 64 bits targets
1.4   September 22, 200895
  • Fixed a bug where registry keys and groups had to be present to work.
  • Fail safe behavior reverts to normal MSGINA.dll if anything goes wrong
  • Better detection of the user logged in (when he comes back to unlock)
  • Registered as a logon process ("Paralint" shows in the Event log instead of Winlogon)
  • Added an option to generate a debug output (off by default, see Sample.reg)
  • Corrections and clarification in the documentation
  • Automated build, test and release scripts
1.3   March 7, 200850
  • The registry path to install the replacement Ginal was wrong in README.txt
1.2   February 4, 200840
  • Now supports force logoff by members of any group (no need to be administrator).
  • Option to display a notice before the workstation is locked.
  • A specific group (of your choice) can be excluded from force logoff.
  • A lot of code clean up.
  • Home page for project
1.1   January 16, 2008n/a
  • Private release to test I18N
1.0   January 5, 20089
  • Initial release that unlocks a user desktop without killing processes or losing data.