Notifu, a free open source pop-up balloon utility


Here is the version information and archived versions of Notifu. You can download past releases from here, too, by clicking on the following icons:

Subversion access
If you want to modify the source, please use my Subversion server directly. You can get the trunk revision with this command:
svn co notifu
VersionDatetrunk revisionWhat's new
1.7.0   October 20, 201972
  • Now displays its BSD 3-clause licence more clearly, with a mention in every source file.
1.6.1   February 2, 201772
  • Displays only "Notification" on Windows 10 anniversry edition.
1.6   February 15, 201072
  • New command line switch -q displays the pop-up without a sound (NIIF_NOSOUND)
  • New command line switch -w do not respect the 1st logon quiet time (Windows 7 and up)
1.5   June 8, 200963
  • Uses the new IUserNotification2 interface on Vista and later. You can revert to Windows XP behavior by adding /xp to the command line
  • Supports 3 new error codes : right and left click on the tray icon, and a balloon being dismissed by a new instance of Notifu.
  • Optionnal debug output. See debug.reg for details
1.4.1   October 10, 200844
  • Supports embeeded \n that will be translated into carriage returns.
1.3   March 2, 200827
  • Supports concatenation of multiple /m and /p options. Usefull when you try to insert parameters filled in by other programs.
1.2   February 26, 200826
  • Added support for embeded quotes in parameters. For example /m "Hello, \"World\"." now works.
1.1   February 4, 200822
  • Tested to work under Vista.
  • Added support (and auto detection) of a timeout value in seconds. Now /d 3000 is the same as /d 3.
  • Better error handling if IUserNotification is not supported.
1.0   June 26, 200715
  • Initial release (first seen on Google code).