I was reading the FAQ on how to be a hacker, from Eric Raymond. I recognized in me many of the hacker traits - maybe even some of the skills. But I use a handle, ixe013.

One thing for sure, I love to solve problems and build things. When I started this web site, I pondered what license should I use for my software, or should I even publish the source at all.

Speaking with a friend, he asked me in pure Covey style : “What are you doing this for ?”.

I gave it some serious thoughts. And I remembered all the times open source software helped me solve a problem or learn something. I read the list of all the software I use, most are open source. It is the way I think, and what gives me the most inner peace. I think I have the abundance mentality deep inside me. Any other way than open sourcing everything with the least limitations as possible seemed arrogant to me.

I didn’t want to be arrogant.

To be arrogant, people have to know you. You can build an aura around you and impose it to others. To avoid that, the easiest way I thought was to conceal my real name behind the ixe013 handle. But it is silly. The time I spend concealing my identity (while voluntary leaving traces all over) will be better spent trying and learning to hack.

No more hiding : My name is Guillaume, and I want to be a hacker.

2008 is going to be a big year. Not to mention the time I will spend trying to hack ;)