I just put online version 1.4 of my replacement Gina ! Thanks to everyone who gave me a break while I was spending more time house shopping, buying and renovating. This release is very good, thanks to everybody who wrote me about problems they were facing… Here is what’s new :

  • Fixed a bug where registry keys and groups had to be present to work.
  • Fail safe behaviour reverts to normal MSGINA.dll if anything goes wrong
  • Better detection of the user logged in coming back to unlock
  • Registered as a logon process (Paralint shows in the Event log instead of Winlogon)
  • Added an option to generate a debug output (off by default, see Sample.reg)
  • Corrections and clarification in the documentation
  • Automated build, test and release scripts

Next up ? I am not sure. I am thinking about a self-service application, like a companion product, and when I get that to work, find a way to integrate that concept with Aucun. Something like after N bad logon, you are redirected to the self service application.

Enjoy !